French press

French-press is a nice and in recent years a little forgotten brewing method. Press pot is often considered to give a fuller cup of coffee and there is a risk that if the coffee is allowed to sit in the pot for too long before pressing, it will be over-extracted and the result will be bitter. However, if you are careful and reasonably accurate with your brewing, you can produce really good cups.

How to brew in a pressure cooker

A handy and well-used brewing method out in the cabins is the press jug, or bistro tub as it is also called. There is a plethora of different sizes and means available at hand. Take the one that suits you best.

In addition to the pot, you need ground coffee and freshly boiled water. 68 grams corresponds to a heaped tablespoon. The degree of grinding should be closer to raw sugar than granulated sugar.

Then pour in the hot water with a fine stream so that all the coffee is extracted. Then let it all rest for about 3 minutes. Stir the coffee into the container with a spoon and then gently press the filter down.

Then it's just a matter of pouring.

A tip is to preheat the cup beforehand so you can enjoy it a little longer.

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