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Mäster's coffee - 500 g

Mäster's coffee - 500 g

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Mästers Kaffe is an espresso blend that tastes exactly as we at Solde think a modern bar coffee should taste. The blend is specially adapted to consistently produce stable, tasty and easy-to-work espresso shots. Of course, Mästers Kaffe goes well with milk.

Don't have a coffee grinder?

We are happy to grind the coffee for you. Write in the comment field on the shopping cart page how it should be ground.

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  • Filter coffee
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Origin / Washing station / Process

Brazil, Fazenda Catanduva, Natural

Ethiopia, Guji Acacia, Natural

Guatemala, Primavera Family (various small farms), Washed

The coffee beans in Bodil's blend are purchased in collaboration with Ally Coffee and Primavera Green Coffee.