Espresso coffee is a demanding brewing method, both in terms of equipment and commitment. But if you take it on, it can be extremely rewarding. In addition to an espresso machine that maintains pressure and temperature, the grinder is an important player to get the best possible result, partly because the coffee should be ground just before brewing but also to be able to adjust the degree of grinding. There are a plethora of forums and guides online if you are interested in purchasing espresso equipment for your home or office.

A tip is to dose up 8-10 grams per espresso and then adjust the degree of grinding to get closer to the perfect espresso. Espresso coffee that has rested for 1-3 weeks since roasting is usually both tastier and easier to brew.

How to brew espresso

Espresso is the most expensive, complicated and difficult of all construction methods. But once you get the hang of it, it can be the funnest, manliest and most interesting. The beauty of espresso is that the result is already revealed when the drink is brewed. It should take 25 to 35 seconds to brew a cup of 2 to 3 centiliters of coffee.

In order for this to work, it is important above all to set the degree of grinding. The ground coffee should be somewhere between icing sugar and sand. If it flows too fast, you grind finer and vice versa. Then regulates the extraction with the amount of coffee in the filter. Dose up between 8 to 10 grams per espresso.

These are the small adjustments to the construction method and it is important to try your hand at it. The result in the cup is thus determined by the amount of coffee. Together with the degree of grinding and the extraction time.

Good luck!

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