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Colombia El Obraje Caturra - 250 g

Colombia El Obraje Caturra - 250 g

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Our favorite Kenyan! We have had Kichawir for a couple of years now at the roastery and the coffee delivers incredibly high fine notes of fruitiness and purity in the cup.

We brew this coffee ourselves as V60 with a dosage of 20 grams of coffee to 300 grams of water with a brewing time of about 3 minutes.

Don't have a coffee grinder?

We are happy to grind the coffee for you. Write in the comment field on the shopping cart page how it should be ground.

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Land/Region:Colombia, Narino

Gård/ Kooperativ: El Obraje

Producent: Pablo Andres Guerrero

Processmetod: Tvättat

Varitet: Caturra

Skördeperiod: Året runt.

Höjd över havet: 1700 meter

Karaktär: Aprikos, mango, papaya.