Brewed coffee from a coffeemaker is probably the most widely used brewing method in the world. The advantages are many and so is the number of cups you get for each brewing at the same time, which places the least demands on the person who operates the machine. The most important thing to remember when brewing brewed coffee is to stick to clean equipment, freshly ground coffee and to be relatively accurate with the dosage. A rule of thumb that we follow at the company is 60 grams of coffee per liter of water and then adjust the dosage up or down according to your own taste.

Brewed coffee is what we prefer to drink at Solde Kafferosteri, morning, noon and night.

How to brew brewed coffee

In addition to a coffee maker, water and coffee are also needed. The degree of grinding of the coffee should be a little finer than granulated sugar. Dose approximately 6 grams per deciliter of water, which corresponds to a slightly rounded tablespoon.

The next step is to fill the container with the desired amount of water. Then it's time to dose coffee.

And for god's sake don't forget filters. Well, then you just have to press the on button and wait for the brewer to brew. Beware of overdosing on the coffee, so called take one for the pot. The result is bitter, sharp and expensive regardless of the coffee used. That's it, now you can enjoy one or more lovely cups of brewed coffee.

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