Pour-over coffee

People who like to experiment and test different types of coffee usually stick to drip coffee, or pour-over as it is also called, as a brewing method. In addition to hot water and freshly ground coffee, what you need is a scale, a filter holder and filter.

We think drip coffee tastes cleaner and more honest, others would probably say thinner.

One of the upsides of drip coffee is that you can brew as little as one cup per brew and you can get different flavors with small adjustments to grind and dosage.

Everyone has their own favorite drip coffee recipe. Below we give examples of our favorite recipes at Solde Kafferosteri when we brew with Hario filters.

Jonas: 27 gr coffee / 400 gr water
Johan: 17 gr coffee / 320 gr water
Dan: 12 gr coffee / 200 gr water

How to brew drip coffee

There is a plethora of different one-cup solutions available. We instruct you on a porcelain lens filter. In addition to the filter itself, you also need coffee and freshly boiled water. The degree of grinding of the coffee can be anything from 0.5 to 0.5 liters of coffee. boiling water. The degree of grinding of the coffee can be anything from fine like sugar to coarse like raw sugar, and the amount can vary between 7 and 14 grams per deciliter.

Start by preheating the filter by pouring water on it.

You look up your desired amount of coffee in the filter and pre-soak by pouring a small portion of the hot water. Then let it soak for 20-30 seconds. Then pour the remaining water with a fine jet into the center of the filter and slowly work the coffee out on the sides in a circular counter-clockwise motion.

Experiment, change and try your way. But whatever you do, never pour clockwise!

Good luck!

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